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Monday ~ Friday :
9am to 7pm
Saturday :
9am to 3pm
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We are located at the Bi Lo shopping center on Prosperity Church Road.

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5342-C Prosperity Ch Rd
Charlotte, NC 28269

Please note our new operating hours for Saturday.
We will be closing at 3pm on Saturdays now.

We are a small family buisness (mom & daughter as seamstress, dad as shoe repairer) and have been in the University, Skybrook/Highland Creek area since we opened back in 1990. Our first location was at the University Place across from Old Navy/Talbot Outlet then in 2000 moved and remained at our current location. We are glad to say, it's been an amazing and joyous experience working together throughout the years. Much like many small local shops, when you stay in the same area for more than 20+ years, the loyal customers really do become quite like a family. It's cool to see a cute little girl we altered dance recital dresses then to prom dresses, and now in to bridal dresses! So, we are so thankful to be here doing what we love to do. Hope we can help you :)

We specialize in clothing alterations and repairing shoes. We repair some leather items such as bags/purses that are STITCHABLE. For instance if your straps popped off, we can stich it. Just give us a call or email (if possible w/attached photo) if you have any questions about an item you'd like to repair. We look forward to helping you.

Here's a list of some common/frequent fixes ...

Alterations Shoes
  • Pants (Waist in/out, Heming/Lengthening, Tapering, etc...)
  • Skirts (Same as above)
  • Shirts (Same as above)
  • Casual to Formal Dresses (Sames as above)
  • Zippers (repaired or replaced)
  • Leather garments (sleeves, sides, zippers, etc...)
  • Fabric Decor (Curtains, Pillow, etc...)

    . . .

  • And much more! Check out our facebook or our sewing website if you want to see more of our work :)
  • Heels Replaced (Rubber, Combination, Leather)
  • Halfsole or Wholesole (Rubber, Leather)
  • Glue: reattach seaparated soles
  • Stitches: reattach straps, soles, etc.
  • Stretch (width only on leather shoes)
  • Taps or Heel Protector
  • Shine

    . . .

  • And much more!

  • 704-875-9155


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